Exercising Energetic Boxers in the Winter

It can be hard to keep up with our exercising routines in the winter with the snow, wind and blistering cold temperatures but we all know a boxers energy does not lay dormant in the winter months. There are some dogs that love the winter and doing "zoomies" in the fresh powder and there are others who make sure to do their business as fast as possible to get back inside to their warm house. However, there are still days that are just too cold on their paws and barely covered bellies. What can you do for some good cardio on those days?

Hide and Seek: Hide a treat and and Using a high value treat, let your dog sniff the treat in your closed hand. Have them sit and stay in one room while you go and hide. Yell for them to come find you (but really they're looking for that delicious snack). Repeat!

Treadmill: Yes this is mostly an exercise tool for humans but dogs can learn to use it too! Some may be too scared to try but others are willing to learn with some food bribes. Before you know it, they'll be begging to go on it. Low speeds recommended.

Fetch: If you have a larger, open area within the house it can be a good spot to use for fetch. This can also be a good opportunity to learn "stay" if they are not familiar with this command.

Stairs: Most of us remember doing those dreaded bleachers in the good old gym class days. The same can be applied to our furry friends within the house. Throw a ball or toy down some stairs for them to retrieve and repeat.

Tug of War: Whether between dog and dog or dog and human, there are plenty of toy options for some tug of war. Bonus: can be considered a muscle toning exercising for us!

If you have more ideas of what we can do in the winter with our dogs, please post them below in the comments. Stay warm!

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