Boxer Haven Rescue and Seniors For Seniors

There is no denying that we love our senior boxers. Sadly, they are one of the "harder to adopt" animals, not only in shelters, but in rescues as well. Thankfully, our foster families that foster seniors are more than happy to love and care for them until their perfect home comes along. Unfortunately, this limits the available space we have to bring in other boxers that need us.


So what can we do? We know that cats and dogs make wonderful companions... they improve our quality of life, give us purpose. You may see more often now that there are resident animals in nursing home facilities and assisted living communities. It is not only because the residents love having the companionship, the benefits are mutual. Animals are known to reduce blood pressure, lower stress, decrease the likelihood of depression. They take away the loneliness, lift our spirits, make us giggle and that all translates into a better quality of life!


So how can we help more? We are so glad you asked! Boxer Haven Rescue will be launching a pilot program where we will place a senior boxer in an assisted living home. Once we identify the right fit, this boxer will provide 24/7 pet therapy for the residents. They will reside in the home, snuggle on the couches, even cuddle and sleep with their new family!

All boxers that are placed will ultimately be in the care of one individual at the facility that will make sure they are cared for and their health needs are met. Boxer Haven Rescue will provide a liaison that will stay in touch, visit and make sure all is going well.


This environment can be a truly perfect fit as our senior boxers are a little slower and can't keep up with an active owner. They like shorter walks and more time lounging, a quiet home and a snugly bed around every corner! This atmosphere is perfect for the already housebroken, gentler, calmer senior boxer!


It makes our hearts so happy to know that we can not only help a senior dog in need, but lift the spirits and bring life back to someone we know/love in a nursing or assisted living home. If you are with an Assisted Living Group and are interested in learning more, please send us a message!

About Luther

Our first Seniors For Seniors Ambassador has been chosen! Luther (Lou) was welcomed with open arms when he went to visit his future home at Sunrise Assisted Living In Northville, MI.  A true rags to riches story for our sweet boy.  It was not long ago that The Detroit Pit Crew contacted Boxer Haven Rescue about this Boxer they had captured, who had been running the streets of Detroit for over a week in the middle of winter.  He was finally caught... and Boxer Haven Rescue placed him with one of their foster families.  Luther was beloved from the day he arrived to Boxer Haven Rescue as a "Birthday Present" to his foster family that had just one year ago said goodbye to their senior Boxer.  It was a true "Who Rescued Who" story, when what was a day of sad memories became a day of hope and adventure.  It was with this foster family that he stayed while all of his vetting was updated, his temperament tested and he got used to what "normal life" should be like.  


Luther was estimated to be a senior between 7- 8 years old, he was in very good health and full of Boxer Spirit. but sadly tested positive for heartworm.  At his age, there were many risks of proceeding with the different types of treatment and after consulting with multiple multiple veterinarians and coming up with the best plan for Luther... our director, Ronda, got "the call".  We were contacted by an assisted living facility to see if Luther would possibly be a good fit for that environment.  With Lou's laid back, happy go lucky, and very loving personality... it was a perfect match on paper!  

This is where everything began to get exciting.  The possibilities of creating a program focused on the placement of Senior Boxers was a dream coming to fruition. 

THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF!!! This is what makes "Rescue Life" worth it. 


Watching Luther magically blend into this world was nothing less than amazing.  He has already touched so many lives and he instantly brought happiness to everyone he meets.... A typical Boxer!  It is what we now want to strive to do for so many other Senior Boxers, who like Luther, fit perfectly in this world.  This was a match made in heaven!


Now that it is official, Boxer Haven Rescue will be working on developing our Seniors For Seniors Program.  It is our hope that we can have Assisted Living homes waiting and ready for their loving Boxer to arrive.  We have special foster families that are ready to take in special senior candidates that come into the rescue specifically for this purpose.  It is a blessing to have this opportunity and look forward to continuing to change lives... one rescued Boxer at a time.