1) Boxer Haven Rescue adopts to Michigan Residents Only. We do make exceptions for those living on the MI state line. *If you are not in the State of Michigan, PLEASE DO A WEB SEARCH ON “BOXER RESCUE" in your state and apply to a rescue near you.

2) Boxer Haven Rescue DOES NOT place female dogs in homes with other female dogs. One of the main reasons for the surrender of a boxer is due to female on female aggression.

3) Current dogs should already be spayed or neutered (this is circumstantial due to age, health etc, so if your dogs are not spayed or neutered, please provide an explanation)

4) You will be asked for contact information for your veterinarian(s). Your current and past dogs must have documented vetting, including up to date vaccines, yearly heartworm testing and proof of heartworm prevention.

* If you are not current on vetting, DO NOT complete an application. This will save our volunteers and yourself a lot of time. If you would still like to be considered for adoption, please make an appointment with your veterinarian and get your dogs updated, tested for heartworm and on a heartworm prevention plan. Please consider applying in 6 months.

5) You must provide two personal references.

6) You must consent to a home check to become an approved adopter.

7) You must complete the extensive application and approval process which can take up to 2 weeks.
8) Accept that you have read and understand our requirements before completing an application to adopt.
Before You Apply: