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“There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and dogs we can’t live without but have to let go.” ~ Unknown. 


We at Boxer Haven Rescue understand that life can throw us curves, emergencies happen, jobs change, our life circumstances can make it impossible for us to provide for our families and our dogs.  This sometimes means that a very difficult decision has to made in regards to what is best for our dogs and our family.  This is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make.

As heartbroken and guilty as we feel, we cannot ignore the practical reasons that make it necessary to give our dog away.  Boxer Haven Rescue understands these reasons and at the end of the day.... Our common goal is to do what is right for the animal by providing it a safe foster home, any medical attention needed and then finally adoption with a family that has been pre-approved, hand picked, vet-checked and passed a home check. We screen our adoptive families thoroughly to provide only the best homes for our boxers.  

What we do not only includes pulling animals from shelters that have found themselves abandoned and homeless - but also includes many from the list of reasons below.  Many if not most of our rescues come from extremely loving homes.  They have been well cared for.  Letting go is painful, but has been a necessity.  The list below will show that sometimes, there are circumstances that make it impossible for us to keep them.  In that case, we want you to know that we are here to support your decision and make sure your dog is provided the best care and placed in the most loving home for the rest of its' forever.

Reasons Owners are faced with the decision of whether they should surrender their dog.

  1.  Moving/No Pets Allowed - 20%

  2.  Life Events Making it Impossible to Care for or meet the dogs Needs - 24%

  3.  Biting/Aggression/Anxiety - 10%

  4.  Pet illness - 5%

  5. Accidental Litters - 3%

  6. The remainder are animals that have been pulled from shelters or that were strays - 40%  

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Welcome our newest and oldest addition to the Boxer Haven Rescue Tribe where he will call his FOREVER HOME! ♥️.

Chingy is an AMAZING 13 years old 😳 and comes to us from a very loving home due to very sad, but normal life circumstances. Chingy’s story has a purpose and he has come to Boxer Haven for a reason!

What purpose is that you ask???

#RescueLife and #ShelterLife is very dark. It is full of awful stories of neglect, abandonment etc. But there is another side of Rescue. A side that so many disregard - but it is one we need to bring attention to. We need to help others understand that there are other reasons that Rescues and Shelters must exist and welcome these animals that need us...

Chingy’s momma had a stroke and could no longer care for him. Chingy has been loved his entire life and their family wanted to make sure Chingy would be loved as he deserves. They TRUSTED Boxer Haven Rescue to allow us to care for Chingy for the rest of his forever. He will stay with his foster family.... he is in his new forever home. At his age, making him happy, keeping him comfortable and smothering him in love is most important.

So many times when families face hardships, they reach out to rescue groups or local community pages to try to find new homes for their beloved pets. Most times they are scorned for this.... because who could fathom getting rid of a family member???

WE WILL TELL YOU WHO.... Someone who loves that animal and knows what is best for it. There are circumstances in life that make it a NECESSITY for rescues and shelters to have welcoming arms for these pets. The owners or families that find themselves in these situations do not deserve the hate that is projected onto them in so many cases.

Remember that every animal has a story. Sometimes we don’t know it, sometimes we do. Regardless... we are rescuers and we help animals with NO JUDGEMENT. We do not want families that need us to be afraid to reach out.

Please remember this when you see a family in need of finding their pet another home. Give them resources, help them, don’t lash out at them for doing what they think is best for their pet. PLEASE!

Let Chingy’s Story have purpose. One that teaches us that we are all here to help each other and do what is right for these animals no matter what the circumstances.

Welcome to the Boxer Haven Rescue Gang Chingy!! We are blessed to have you! ♥️