Boxer Haven Rescue


To those who are considering owning a Boxer we offer the following information—not to discourage potential loving owners, but to aid them in making an informed decision.  The Boxer’s most notable characteristic is his desire for human attention and affection.  Boxers are extremely people oriented and should never be kept as outside pets!  Boxers are intelligent, energetic, good-natured, and high—spirited dogs.  They are faithful, even-tempered, outgoing, and very playful.  All dogs depend on their owner for everything they need: food, water, shelter, exercise, grooming, training, veterinary care, and LOVE!  Owning a Boxer is a joy but demands a true commitment to the physical and emotional health of a dog.  Obedience training is VERY IMPORTANT!


Adoption fee for Boxers range from $150 - $400.  A donation for owner assisted placement is $50.00. Vetting includes: up-to-date shots, spay/neuter (puppies under 5 months are adopted on a spay/neuter contract and adopter of puppy is responsible for cost of spay/neuter), NEGATIVE fecal results, NEGATIVE heartworm results, and current on heartworm prevention, as well as a COMPLETE health exam.


To adopt a dog from Boxer Haven Rescue, the first step is to submit an application.  The process takes a few weeks.  It involves vet and personal reference checks, an interview, and a Boxer Haven Rescue agent coming out to your home.  There are no exceptions … Please remember that we are all volunteers and it may take a week or so after we receive your application to be contacted.  Please contact your vet to let them know we will be calling and give them permission to speak to us.

Sometimes several people may be interested in the same dog, so please remember that not every dog is right for every home.  To ensure a healthy and happy placement for our dogs and their new families, we take the time to evaluate each dog’s temperament and try to match the right dog to the right family.  Once an adoption is approved, you will need to have a crate, bedding, food and water dishes, a collar and a leash, dog toys and high quality dog food BEFORE your dog comes home.

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We are officially recognized by the federal government as being a 501-C (3) NOT FOR PROFIT Corporation. Donations made are tax deductible.